We’re Now Using PCRS+

Gold Standard Automotive Network is now working solely through our new contract entry provider, PCRS+!

We’ve provide a tutorial video as shown below, to help guide you through creating your first contract in the new system. Please reach otu to your local agent for any additional training needs!

How To Create A Contract In PCRS

  • Quick, easy, and professional! I’m still stunned at the friendliness and professionalism of Gold Standard automotive. That name is definitely well chosen. Thank you for living up to it.

  • I spoke with Amy today, and she helped me answer all of the questions I had. She provided first-class service! So thankful for her and the Gold Standard automotive coverage.

  • Never had any problems with my policy. Anytime my car was serviced and covered under my warranty, it was never any inconvenience for me to wait to hear from coverage that needed to be done. I appreciate a company that represents and stand by its service. I can enjoy my car with no major mechanical worries. Thank you.

  • I had a pleasant experience working with Gold Standard. The representative I spoke with was very kind and helpful in explaining everything in my contract, as well as helping me understand how to utilize my warranty for oil changes and roadside assistance. I would definitely recommend this company!