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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Start a Mechanical Claim?

-You may utilize the ‘Start A Claim’ feature located at the top of the web page or have the licensed repair facility contact our Customer Care team at (833) 852-4653 prior to beginning any repairs on the vehicle. Please remember all mechanical repairs require written prior authorization before repairs may be completed.

-For further details, please see the ‘Filing a Claim’ section within your agreement.

How to Start a Maintenance Claim?

-Take your vehicle to the licensed service center of your choice. Once there, please have a technician contact our Customer Care team at (833) 852-4653 so we may process the claim over the phone at the time of service.

What Is Covered Under My Contract?

-Many benefits are available under each service agreement, but they can vary depending on the type of coverage chosen. Referring to your specific agreement under the appropriate coverage section will help you better understand what is included.

How Much Of My Repair Will You Cover?

-Approved amounts are based on a few factors and limits of liability that are outlined within the ‘Mechanical Coverage’ section of the associated agreement.

 Can I Be Reimbursed For a Repair?

-Any benefit listed under your agreement’s ‘Maintenance Coverage’ section is eligible for reimbursement and does not require written prior approval. To submit the reimbursement request, please email with a clear image that shows all four corners of the invoice and receipt. This documentation should also include the customer and vehicle information in order to process the reimbursement in a timely manner.

-Any mechanical repair claim must have received prior written authorization by Gold Standard in order to be reimbursed. If prior approval has been given, the final invoice, payment receipt, and any associated approval documents would need to be submitted to for review.

-If you do not have an authorized claim, please have your repair facility call our Customer Care Team at (833) 852-4653  so we may begin the claim process for your vehicle.

Where Can I Take My Vehicle For Repair?

-Your agreement will allow you to take your vehicle to any licensed service of your choice as long as they accept credit card payments.

-If you would like to check if a facility is one we have worked with, please call our Customer Care Team at (833) 852-4653, and we can check for you.

Do I Have Rental Coverage?

-Rental coverage is dependent on the type of agreement chosen at purchase. For more details, please see the ‘Mechanical Coverage’ section of your agreement or contact our Customer Care team at (833) 852-4653; we would be happy to confirm your eligibility.

What Is Never Covered?

-Gold Standard does not cover sales tax, shop fees, miscellaneous fees, and many routine maintenance items. For a complete list of details, please see the ‘Exclusions’ section of your agreement.

How Do I Cancel My Service Contract?

-We understand a cancellation may be requested for many reasons. If this is best for you, please refer to your selling dealership where your agreement was purchased.

-If unable to contact your selling dealership, please call our Customer Care Team at (833) 852-4653, and we will be happy to assist further.

-If you have completed a Cancellation Request Form, you may send it to

How Do I Use Auto Deductible Reimbursement?

-Accidents are never expected, but if they do, the Auto Deductible Reimbursement Benefit may be available to you, and we suggest contacting our Customer Care Team at (833) 852-4653.

How To Collect Payment On Approved Claims?

-Once prior approval has been given and the repairs completed, the final invoice, receipt of payment, and any associated approval documents need to be submitted to for review.

-Any questions related to the payment of a claim may be referred to our Customer Care Team at (833) 852-4653.


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  • Quick, easy, and professional! I’m still stunned at the friendliness and professionalism of Gold Standard automotive. That name is definitely well chosen. Thank you for living up to it.

  • I spoke with Amy today, and she helped me answer all of the questions I had. She provided first-class service! So thankful for her and the Gold Standard automotive coverage.

  • Never had any problems with my policy. Anytime my car was serviced and covered under my warranty, it was never any inconvenience for me to wait to hear from coverage that needed to be done. I appreciate a company that represents and stand by its service. I can enjoy my car with no major mechanical worries. Thank you.

  • I had a pleasant experience working with Gold Standard. The representative I spoke with was very kind and helpful in explaining everything in my contract, as well as helping me understand how to utilize my warranty for oil changes and roadside assistance. I would definitely recommend this company!


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